As the trusted partner in development of the local Community and in the Region at large, we continually support education, water and health projects within the immediate community with an initial emphasis on education.



  • Sponsorship (RPL/Palm House Foundation (PHF))– 45 students since 2012; 16 in local universities since 2015
  • Initiated an Endowment Fund (RPL/PHF) 2016 – 2020 (Euro 105K)
  • Built & furnished six classrooms
  • Built two latrines , Fenced one school, Electrification of one school
  • Built and furnished an ICT centre @ Kombeni Girls High School
  • Road safety training to two primary schools
  • Access road paved & provided with street lights to the plant
  • Plant tours by learning institutions – continuous
  • Donated water tanks to eight schools
  • Donated sporting equipment to two schools
  • Wema (street children) sponsorship – Annual event
  • Internship & attachment to students – continuous


  • COVID relieve funding for local community.
  • Built and furnished a 20 bed ward – Rabai Health Centre (RHC)
  • Construct & furnish a complete diagnostic laboratory – RHC ongoing)
  • HIV & AIDS outreach in Rabai Sub-County
  • Donated water tanks to RHC
  • Donated two maternity beds to RHC
  • Road safety training to schools, truck drivers, motor cycle riders


  • Provision of free clean drinking water to locals, schools
  • Put up a water tank at water point complete with resting place
  • Supporting water provider with technical advice and repair works


  • Support of community events
  • Education Day – Annual
  • World Aids Day – Annual
  • Cultural Events – Annual
  • Quarterly Meetings with Rabai Advisory Committee
  • Community Open Day every second year
  • Tree Planting – Annual


CSR Strategy with a yearly budget on approx. KES 12.5 million.
Education 45%
Health 38%
Water 8%
Others 9%
Thematic Areas
Successful Projects


Rabai Power Ltd in the community.