As a Power Plant Operating Company, Rabai Operations and Maintenance Limited is committed to ensuring that the highest standards of quality are observed during operations in line with our strategic direction. The Company therefore commits to:

  • Comply with environmental legislations and International standards relevant to our operations in the areas we operate.

  • Integrate environmental concerns into planning, design and production of investment decisions.

  • Carry out environmental impact assessment for current and future operations.

  • Continuously seek to improve site environmental performance through monitoring, audits and transparent reporting on environmental performance.

  • Build competences and awareness on all employees of all levels through continuous relevant training sessions.

  • Continuously engage the local community and relevant stakeholders on plants environmental performances.

  • Monitor on implementation and compliance with our policies and procedure through periodic audits.

  • Establish, implement and maintain an environmental management system based on ISO 14001:2015 International standard meant to assure our client(s) of sustainable development