As an organization, Rabai Operation and Maintenance Ltd has a primary duty under occupational health, & safety Act – OSHA and Environmental Management and Coordination Act (EMCA) to “take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances for the protection of people and the environment’’. In order to fulfil these regulatory requirements; ROML has developed QHSE policies which outline the framework under which Quality, Safety, Health and Environment-QSHE-issues are managed.


Do It Safe or Not At All

The Company is committed to make positive contributions to communities through the following:

  • Provide adequate supervision of processes and systems of work that are designed to take account of health & safety and be held accountable on safety performance.
  • Support each employee with health & safety awareness.
  • Encourage consultation with employees by continuously seeking to improve performance of health & safety systems in place.
  • Provide Emergency response & recovery plans.
  • Anticipate, recognize, evaluate, monitor & control conditions in workplace that may arise to adverse health to people and environment.
  • Include health & safety as an agenda item in senior management forums.
  • Promote open communication with internal and external interested parties regarding our safety performance.
  • Establish, implement and maintain an OSH management system based on ISO 18001:2015 international standard meant to assure the workers and other interested parties that an effective OHS management system is in place.
Safety, Health & Environmental achievements
  • The Company was ISO Certified on November 22nd 2019 and re-certified on January 17th 2021.

  • Company has attained 1020 days without a Lost time accident as at 30th June 2019 – this milestone was celebrated on 10th July 2019 at the facility.

  • Since its inception the company has not been in any violation of any safety or Environmental laws.

  • At the start of the 10th year of operation the Staff welfare organized a company trip at Baobab Hotel in Diani.