The 90 MW Power Plant owned by Rabai Power Limited constitutes a significant investment in the future prosperity of Kenya. Being a major milestone in the Kenyan Government’s long-term energy plan, which is aimed at regenerating the entire energy sector, the sponsors and developers behind the project, Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor A/S (BWSC) of Denmark and Aldwych International (Aldwych) of the United Kingdom aim at securing affordable and reliable power supply that meets Kenya’s increasing demand for electricity. The Power Plant are and have been making an important contribution to the expanding economy of Kenya by providing a stable electricity source to the Kenyan households and businesses.

During past years of operation, Rabai Power has continued to develop solutions to increase reliability and enhance QHSE targets. To this effect, in 2019, Rabai Power received ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001 certification as the sole Power Plant in Kenya and as one of few companies among sub-Saharan industries.


11th May 2020

SPTSA renewed.

22nd November 2019


ISO Certified

11th May 2010

Full Commercial Operation Date

Dec 2009

Steam Turbine Operational

27th Oct. 2009

Interim Commercial Operation date

Oct. 2009

1 pc. Steam Turbine Generator:

Jul 2009

2 pcs. Step-up Transformers

Jun 2009

5 pcs. Exhaust Gas Boilers installed.

Jan 2009

5 pcs. Diesel Generators on site

6th Oct. 2008

Commence of work

Oct. 2008

Site mobilization

Oct. 2008

Effective Engineering Procurement Contract (EPC)