The primary generating units of the Power Plant consists of five 17 MW 18V46 Wärtsilä 4-stroke medium speed diesel engines, each coupled to an ABB 21.3 MVA alternator. The engines provide dependable power production and high availability, ensuring optimal Plant performance. The heat energy, a by-product of the engines’ exhaust gases, is utilized to enhance the efficiency of the Plant. Steam is generated by the passing exhaust gas in heat recovery boilers. This steam is used both for heating requirements associated with fuel oil storage and treatment; and to drive a Steam Turbine Generator (STG), hence improving the overall efficiency of the Plant by increasing the capacity by approximately 8% “free” extra output as a result.

Rabai Power Plant has a total capacity of approximately 90 MW, the major equipment comprising:

  • 5 x Wärtsilä 18V46C reciprocating diesel engines: 17.4 MW, 500 rpm
  • 5 x ABB AMG 1600 air-cooled generators: 21.3 MVA, 11 kV
  • 5 x Aalborg (Alfa Laval) Waste Heat Recovery Steam Boilers: 11.8 kg/s, 13.5 bar, 365ºC
  • 1 x Dresser Rand (Peter Brotherhood) Condensing Steam Turbine: 7.85 MW
  • 1 x Bronswerk Air Cooled Condenser:
  • 2 x Areva Step-Up Transformers: 75 MVA, 132/11 kV
  • 3 x 4,500 M HFO Storage Tanks
  • All five reciprocating engine generating sets are installed in the common machine hall.

  • The steam turbine generator is in a dedicated turbine hall building separated from the main power hall.

  • Power is generated at 11 kV on all units and is stepped up to 132 kV by 75 MVA transformers; it is then exported onto the grid via the adjacent KPLC Rabai substation.

Production Capacity

Rabai Power Production capacity